Success through Synergy
As part of its vision to become a dominant player in food industry, TRAFCO is propelling its expansion through organic and inorganic growth. TRAFCO invested in developing the food industry of Bahrain by acquiring BWBB, BFFC, Metro Markets, Trafco Logistics Co. (TLC), Bahrain Livestock Company and by owning majority stake in Awal Dairy Company W.L.L. and BANZ Group. To serve Bahrain’s objective of economic integration among GCC countries, Kuwait Bahrain Dairy Company was established in 1992 in Kuwait as a wholly owned subsidiary of Awal Dairy. Awal Dairy exports its products to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, North & West Africa and Latin America. Awal Dairy expanded its operations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the year 2021, Metro Market WLL which was 100% owned by Trafco group has been merged and become a division of TRAFCO. This Metro Market division is a retail arm of Trafco. Spanning across various parts of Bahrain, Metro is undoubtedly one of the rapidly expanding supermarket chains in the Kingdom. Metro known for their strict adherence to quality control and standards, have been over the years, patronized by discerning customers who value its superior products and services.

National Bank of Bahrain B.S.C.
Ahli United Bank Bahrain B.S.C.
Mashreq Bank
Arab Bank
Habib Bank Ltd.
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait B.S.C
National Bank of Kuwait
Bahrain Islamic Bank
Subsidiary Companies
Company Name Place of
Effective Ownership Interest
Bahrain Water Bottling & Beverages Co. W.L.L. Bahrain 100%
Bahrain Fresh Fruits Co. W.L.L. Bahrain 100%
Trafco Logistics Co. W.L.L. Bahrain 100%
Bahrain Livestock Company W.L.L. Bahrain 100%
Awal Dairy Co. W.L.L. Bahrain 51%
Kuwait Bahrain Dairy Co. W.L.L.
(98% Owned By Awal Dairy Co. W.L.L.)
Kuwait 50%
Associate Companies
Company Name Place of
Effective Ownership Interest
Qatari Bahraini Food Trading Co. L.L.C. Qatar 50%
(Under Liquidation)

Spreading wings of success

BWBB: Bahrain Water Bottling & Beverages, 100% subsidiary of TRAFCO has received HACCP certificate & ISO 22000:2018 for the quality of water it produces, awarded by institutions specializing in water analysis supported by Saudi and the Gulf standards. BWBB is one among very few companies in Bahrain that are into manufacturing and bottling of mineral water with strict adherence to quality control. BWBB is the market leader in water bottling industry and TYLOS is the brand leader in the segment in addition to other brands like Selsabil, MARWA and Cloud9. Apart from the private labeling business, the company is also manufacturing ‘metro’ brand in its production line which is marketed by Trafco. The Company is also trading in juice products and potato chips which are well accepted in the market.

BFFC: : Bahrain Fresh Fruits Company, was acquired in the year 2009 and is 100% subsidiary of TRAFCO. The Company was incorporated in the year 1998 and with its state-of-the-art infrastructure along with a dedicated & committed workforce has become a dominant player in FMCG sector. BFFC is very active in two core food businesses – one being import and distribution of fresh fruits & vegetables and the other, import and distribution of frozen, chilled & dry food and non-food products. Our fruits & vegetables division is one of the biggest in Bahrain with largest banana ripening chambers. Few of the brands to reckon with in FMCG division are Bridel from Lactalies Europe, and Chiquita & Fruits brand bananas from Ecuador, Unef Chicken from Brazil.

Trafco Logistics: Trafco Logistics Co. which commenced its operation from May 2010 is conveniently located in Galali. It has received HACCP certificate & ISO 22000:2018 for the category of “Receiving, Storage & Distribution of Dry, Chilled and Frozen food products”. The US$ 14 million logistics complex is a wholly owned subsidiary of TRAFCO which is focusing on 3PL. This state-of-the-art logistic facility with sophisticated technology and exceeding 20,000 cubic meter space with Frozen, Chilled and Dry facilities located in close proximity to the airport and the new seaport of Khalifa Bin Salman port in Muharraq has propelled TRAFCO into the elite group of logistic solution providers in Bahrain. The Company is also looking for new avenues for expansion of the storage space since its customer base is increasing including contracts with the government agencies.

Awal Dairy: The first dairy company in Bahrain incorporated in the year 1963, TRAFCO holds 51% shareholding in Awal Dairy. The Company is a HACCP & ISO 22000:2018 certified company and adheres to international food and safety standards. Latest technology, innovative & excellent products, proficient manpower, sophisticated logistics and outstanding customer care have made Awal Dairy the market leader in Bahrain. Awal Dairy offers novel range of fruit juices and drinks, fresh milk under brand name “Noor”, UHT milk under brand name “Awal” and “Fabion” ice creams in addition to other value added products. The Company with a workforce of around 300 people and with combined production capacity over 100,000 metric tons is one among the major dairies in the GCC region. The Company increased its export market share covering 18 countries including North & West Africa, Yemen and Latin America in addition to its export to GCC countries, Jordan and Iraq.

BLSC: This Company that is 100% owned by TRAFCO was established in 2000 to own and operate the central slaughter house of Bahrain and be the major importer of livestock mainly from Australia. Later it expanded its activities to importing and distributing chilled & frozen meat. Red meat was heavily subsidized by Govt. of Bahrain for many years, but this policy was discontinued since October 2015. The Company, thus had to revise its activities based on the market change and concentrate now mainly on frozen & chilled meat and is expanding to value added activities in the meat sector apart from diversifying into import and sale of other food commodities.

Glimpse of the future
Success, as we all know, is not the destination but an ongoing process. We, at TRAFCO, strongly believe in this philosophy. Reason why, the Company is all set to expand further in the future, thus, underscoring the management’s objectives to serve not only the local market but also across the GCC region.

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